Kärl, Waiting For His Ride

This piece was created specifically for The Savages show, put together by my dear friend and artist Neal Breton in San Luis Obispo at the Steynberg Gallery. I wanted to touch on the savagery of abandonment, and how we all readily accept it. So, we take wild animals from their habitats, and not only parade them around for our amusement, but we dress them up like people. How inane is this? Imagine if we found another animal doing this in the wild, what would we think? Or explain this practice to humans five thousand years in the future. 

Kärl, Waiting For His Ride hopefully touches on a big problem that can easily be laughed off. This meme took the internet by storm in 2012, many versions were made of it, and we used this wild animal as a punch line. Don't get me wrong, I was laughing harder than most, but it wasn't without the bitter taste of the reality of the situation. Shortly after, the human-sized pile of shit Justin Bieber had his monkey confiscated in Germany, and instead of paying to get him back, he left him. These are only publicized cases of animal abandonment, there are thousands more around the world, wild and domestic. Abandonment is only the symptom, we should stand up against the collection of wild and exotic animals. 

I found out that Darwin, The Ikea Monkey, lives at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary in Canada. It's possible to donate to the shelter, and even to "foster" each individual monkey. It's $200 dollars to sponsor Darwin for a year, and so once this sells, the gallery will take half of the $400 asking price, and the remaining will go to sponsor Darwin. 

I intent to continue creating work that reaches beyond my studio, hopefully beyond my town, and either touch or affect the world in a positive way. Let's see what we can get into. 

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