Metroscope2000® is a project in progress that puts my work in a transmedia state; utilizing several layers of media to create a believable realm for this impossible telescope to exist. 

The telescope itself is a prototype of an omniscient telescope, one that penetrates time and space to bring the user relevant viewing material. 

The project has different points of access to maximize usership: websites, users manuals, print material, physical products, videos, etc. They will all tell the story of this unique device and further embed its reality via virtual reality.

Several versions of Metroscope2000® exist, such as Retroscope2000®, Metroscope2000® Kids!, Metroscope2000® Boutique, and Metroscope2000® Deepfield.

This work in progress began in December 2017, and has a projected range of completion into 2020. It will exist in my fictional company Republitex™, and build upon my growing realm of alternate realities. It is an integral component to my art story and touches on anxieties associated with the commodification of art.

Keep checking in!

 Splashpage to Metroscope2000® website, "Kids" model.

Splashpage to Metroscope2000® website, "Kids" model.